AutoZone cuts their Retailers with huge direct- to- home discount!

I bought $500 worth of brake parts at #AutoZone online and picked them up at the Hilliard Store yesterday.
Online there was a big banner ad saying there was a 20 percent discount on online orders over $100, OR a $25 dollar giftcard for orders shipped directly to your home. If you use a CAR20 code at check-out. (I never saw the “place” to enter the code.)
I wait, and I get an email that my order is ready. I go to the store, hand them my photo ID and say I am here to pick up my Online order. The clerk starts looking for the order. He cant find it. The person who picked it had left the building. I spot the order sitting on a cart behind the counter, and suggest that it might be my order. 2 large rotor-sized boxes, two white caliper- sized boxes, and a box of Duralast brake pads on top. With the stuff is my paid reciept for the full price.
So, I mentioned that I never saw the place to enter the discount code for the 20 percent discount on my order. He says “Oh, we have no way of telling what you were offered online” Other clerks in the store are bantering amongst themselves, but my guy offers no suggestions, or his own “store” discount, – NOTHING!
He says “It’s all here! You’re ready to go” He did offer to roll the cart out to load the stuff in the car…..
I get home and go online and express my displeasure to the Online Customer service link, and wait…- overnight.
I get an email today that explains I did NOT qualify for the discount, because my order was “store pickup”.
The 20 percent was ONLY IF you ordered to have the stuff shipped directly to your home. ( Which was further confused with an offer  for a $25 Gift Card  for Direct to home deliveries over $100.)
So #AutoZone would have discounted me $100 TO NOT GO TO THEIR STORE! Which is ludicrous because they have like, 3 stores, within 5 miles of my home. They’d give you a 20 PERCENT discount on large orders IF you DONT GO to their store… for like… shop rags, brake fluid, and all that other stuff hanging by the register, which, I might see and need? HOW STUPID ARE THEY?!!
By the way, I have to return “cores” for the calipers anyhow. So, why would I want to “ship” cores back?
Meanwhile, most of the local convenience stores have advertising and video playing, at their gas pumps, to get you to COME IN to their stores!

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