Uber Delivery “batches” Orders

I was  discussing Uber Eats delivery  with an Uber employee. Having  read through the payout  description it was apparent  to me that  with independent pick-up, mileage, and  delivery payouts. that  the pricing was likely modeled to “stack” or “Batch” orders.

You could  be paged  to pick-up multiple orders  at a foodsource / kitchen  and sent  on an area-wide, “uber-routed” delivery with multiple drops, based  on area-grouped  end points, following some  pre-agreed delivery criteria between Uber and  the food provider. ( Not  to exceed  some  travel time limit, some  number of orders for customer inter-action, etc)

Also  revealed  was  the occasion where Uber staff “ordering-in”  from area restaurants, realized that multiple parties in their office  had ordered independently from the same source,  on happenstance,  wondered  whether  their orders  would  be “batched” and delivered together in one  trip.  She  assured me  that food was “ready” when the dispatch is made.

It makes me  wonder if  the batch process has  a look-ahead queue, or a batch delay for collecting other potential orders,  before  the orders  are placed to the source.  Or, whether  sources  are likewise batched, so you could make multiple pick-ups for delivery at a single destination drop?

What experiences  have Uber Delivery drivers  had  with batched delivery trips?  Please  comment, if you can shed  some  light on this topic.



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