UberEATS Rendezvous with a “missing” Food Truck

“I had an issue with pick up from the restaurant”
Sunday, May 14, 2017 at 6:19:21 PM · Delivery
Hi Larry,
I am so sorry to hear about what happened with this delivery trip. Let me help you with this.
To compensate you for your time and effort to pick up the order for this cancelled delivery trip, I added $3.90 as pickup fee for this trip.
The amount should reflect on your end within 24 to 48 hours and you can check this on your payment statement through your Partner Dashboard.

Did You Wait At The Restaurant?: This call was a pick up rendezvous with a food truck which, was not there, where I was sent, for pick-up.

Share Additional Details: I was sitting in a Hotel parking lot and I get paged to pick -up food from a “Food Truck” for delivery to a client named Chris V. The address that populated the app was 6165 Emerald Parkway, which is a credit union banking office. In the yard in front of the credit union signage is a little yellow sign saying “Food Truck Friday” I enter the lot and there is not another single vehicle at the lot, The additional instructions say to “safely park your vehicle and approach the food truck”. There is no food truck at this address ! It is Sunday! So I assume the truck was here Friday and the waypoint used for the dispatch was an archived or cached location.

While enroute to 6165 Emerald Parkway, my phone rang twice, and I answered it each time, but when I answered it, I got no audio from the caller and each call subsequently dropped. I called them and got Google Phone voice mailbox each time, I told them I was the Uber driver dispatched to 6165 Emerald Pkwy, and their food truck was not at 6165 Emerald Pkwy, I told them I was cancelling the pickup on Chris V’s order, because they were not where they were reported to be. I called them a second time after I realized they may have been stuck on an archived waypoint from Friday, and that, until they corrected their anchored location, Nobody would find them.
Later, I was taking Tanner @ 7:29 from a hotel Lot on Post Rd and my phone rang. I assume it was the food truck people trying to call back, but I did not answer because I was on a trip with a passenger to Schottensein Center.
How does a food truck using google phone, authenticate its location prior to dispatch? As soon as I saw the pick up was a food truck I suspected locating it could be an issue. My Phone captured their number and gave me a website, which showed a schedule, which also WAS NOT CURRENT for Sunday 5 /14.
I can only assume they monitored I was way off base when I first picked up the page and started enroute, Uber’s system selected me because of my relative location to the archived (food truck friday) waypoint.
Why did I not get audio from them both times when they called me? Their calls should connect – so I can hear them-when they realize there is an error!  I thought it prudent to quickly cancel and tell them why I thought the call was dispatched to an old waypoint.
I responded to the location I was given, yet my stats get “ding-ed” for cancelling? The cookie cutter pull-down suggested “I couldn’t find them”? They are a mobile unit at a mis-reported location! They should be charged a cancellation charge for not giving, or verifying an accurate location. This is an exceptional case which, the cancellation “reasons” (pull downs) don’t cover. My confidence in UberEats deliveries continues to evaporate. It’s not my fault they they were not where I was sent. Sincerely …

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