Ride adjustments.

I picked up a  young savvy Rider, who was traveling to a friends apartment,  to watch a Penquins Hockey game. We were heading south on 1-270 on the west side  In a construction zone.  Engaged  in conversation, I was  in the wrong lane as we approached the exit ramp, and  heavy traffic  prevented me from making the exit. As  we passed  the  ramp, Shane  saw my Navigation reroute. His 6 minute ETA shot up to 11 minutes.  I told  him we  could  get his fare adjusted, (but I had never  done that yet!)  So when we arrived at  the destination, he  asked  about  the  adjustment. I opened, account/ help/Trip issues and refunds/other, ( the cookie cutter pulled downs did not cover my issue). It did show  the calculated  charge was currently over $11, (already).  Then in the “describe your issue” text box,  I simply asked “Can we  reduce this by half?” Then I submitted the  issue.  Shane  indicated  that  “half”  would  be OK. I did not  know  how soon he  would see the  adjustment, but I told him to expect  to see it in his application notifications.  I had  read, or seen, that resolutions  could  be resolved within 24 to 48 hours.  I was  amazed  that  within 10 minutes, I had  a new “message from support” which said  one of my  fares  was  adjusted. The fare had been reviewed, and evidently, they used  the  start  and  end waypoints, and rerouted the  trip, perhaps as originally charted,  and  the new  charge,  or  payout  to my account,  was now $6.16, no longer over $11. I was  surprised  how quickly this adjustment  came back.  And, I assume,  my rider  also  saw  this new adjustment in his account  notifications, as quickly.  There  was  also a follow-on email that  hit my inbox which showed I can continue this support “conversation” thread  by  further  reply to  the  email, ( which I did “after hours” from my  desktop – providing  more  detail on what  transpired, and expressing  my gratitude  for the quick settlement.)    Overall,  I had  to trust I could make  an adjustment  to the fare, before I knew how  to do it.  The  resolution was based  on route  history, and  the ability to re-create perhaps, the  original route, which is fair.  My suggestion to support  was  to reduce  the fare  by “half”,  their solution was  to reduce  the rate by a better route.  Their initial message  suggested  that  either the start, or end point, was  perhaps  mis-entered.  I have  yet  to see  whether  they posted a different  route  map to my account  detail, maybe just the start and end points.  Just  know,  or  learn, that  their  route  resolutions will be made  using  rerouted or  revised prospective  trip detail. – based on  “re-routing” or  reviewing the course taken vs course projected.



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