Waiting at the Airport

One thing I have learned about waiting at the airport is that,if there are 31-40 cars queued you will get a text explaining wait times are long and you would be better off seeking rides in the city.  When I get this text I take the hint, and drive on through.  I may stop to use the porta-pot or clean out the car to the trash cans provided, but I’m not going to wait two hours for a $15 ride.

On mother’s day I got out there early. There were 11-20 cars queued. When the queue dropped to 1 to 10, you could count them down as they left. So my page for pick-up comes and it’s an airport employee going to a local fast food for breakfast!

It’s a crapshoot!

One late late night at the airport.  I was paged to pick up on Steltzer Rd, but they cancelled before I arrived. I assume the call came from a dancer at the nearby gentlemen’s club. Then when she cancelled, the waypoint was stuck and did not clear. The last destination routed me thru a sketchy side road a couple times before I realized she must have cancelled.( You don’t always see a cancelled by rider message) I saw one once, but they are fleeting messages,if you see them at all!

Then there was the time I got called out of the airport queue to take a local employee home from somewhere in the industrial complex adjacent to the west green lot

My point is that thinking you waiting on a decent cross- town fare, is a good probability, but there are also local runs that occasionally come in – from your 2 hour wait.

Total crap shoot!






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