Waiting at the Airport

One thing I have learned about waiting at the airport is that,if there are 31-40 cars queued you will get a text explaining wait times are long and you would be better off seeking rides in the city.  When I get this text I take the hint, and drive on through.  I may stop to use the porta-pot or clean out the car to the trash cans provided, but I’m not going to wait two hours for a $15 ride.

On mother’s day I got out there early. There were 11-20 cars queued. When the queue dropped to 1 to 10, you could count them down as they left. So my page for pick-up comes and it’s an airport employee going to a local fast food for breakfast!

It’s a crapshoot!

One late late night at the airport.  I was paged to pick up on Steltzer Rd, but they cancelled before I arrived. I assume the call came from a dancer at the nearby gentlemen’s club. Then when she cancelled, the waypoint was stuck and did not clear. The last destination routed me thru a sketchy side road a couple times before I realized she must have cancelled.( You don’t always see a cancelled by rider message) I saw one once, but they are fleeting messages,if you see them at all!

Then there was the time I got called out of the airport queue to take a local employee home from somewhere in the industrial complex adjacent to the west green lot

My point is that thinking you waiting on a decent cross- town fare, is a good probability, but there are also local runs that occasionally come in – from your 2 hour wait.

Total crap shoot!





Ride adjustments.

I picked up a  young savvy Rider, who was traveling to a friends apartment,  to watch a Penquins Hockey game. We were heading south on 1-270 on the west side  In a construction zone.  Engaged  in conversation, I was  in the wrong lane as we approached the exit ramp, and  heavy traffic  prevented me from making the exit. As  we passed  the  ramp, Shane  saw my Navigation reroute. His 6 minute ETA shot up to 11 minutes.  I told  him we  could  get his fare adjusted, (but I had never  done that yet!)  So when we arrived at  the destination, he  asked  about  the  adjustment. I opened, account/ help/Trip issues and refunds/other, ( the cookie cutter pulled downs did not cover my issue). It did show  the calculated  charge was currently over $11, (already).  Then in the “describe your issue” text box,  I simply asked “Can we  reduce this by half?” Then I submitted the  issue.  Shane  indicated  that  “half”  would  be OK. I did not  know  how soon he  would see the  adjustment, but I told him to expect  to see it in his application notifications.  I had  read, or seen, that resolutions  could  be resolved within 24 to 48 hours.  I was  amazed  that  within 10 minutes, I had  a new “message from support” which said  one of my  fares  was  adjusted. The fare had been reviewed, and evidently, they used  the  start  and  end waypoints, and rerouted the  trip, perhaps as originally charted,  and  the new  charge,  or  payout  to my account,  was now $6.16, no longer over $11. I was  surprised  how quickly this adjustment  came back.  And, I assume,  my rider  also  saw  this new adjustment in his account  notifications, as quickly.  There  was  also a follow-on email that  hit my inbox which showed I can continue this support “conversation” thread  by  further  reply to  the  email, ( which I did “after hours” from my  desktop – providing  more  detail on what  transpired, and expressing  my gratitude  for the quick settlement.)    Overall,  I had  to trust I could make  an adjustment  to the fare, before I knew how  to do it.  The  resolution was based  on route  history, and  the ability to re-create perhaps, the  original route, which is fair.  My suggestion to support  was  to reduce  the fare  by “half”,  their solution was  to reduce  the rate by a better route.  Their initial message  suggested  that  either the start, or end point, was  perhaps  mis-entered.  I have  yet  to see  whether  they posted a different  route  map to my account  detail, maybe just the start and end points.  Just  know,  or  learn, that  their  route  resolutions will be made  using  rerouted or  revised prospective  trip detail. – based on  “re-routing” or  reviewing the course taken vs course projected.


UberEATS Rendezvous with a “missing” Food Truck

“I had an issue with pick up from the restaurant”
Sunday, May 14, 2017 at 6:19:21 PM · Delivery
Hi Larry,
I am so sorry to hear about what happened with this delivery trip. Let me help you with this.
To compensate you for your time and effort to pick up the order for this cancelled delivery trip, I added $3.90 as pickup fee for this trip.
The amount should reflect on your end within 24 to 48 hours and you can check this on your payment statement through your Partner Dashboard.

Did You Wait At The Restaurant?: This call was a pick up rendezvous with a food truck which, was not there, where I was sent, for pick-up.

Share Additional Details: I was sitting in a Hotel parking lot and I get paged to pick -up food from a “Food Truck” for delivery to a client named Chris V. The address that populated the app was 6165 Emerald Parkway, which is a credit union banking office. In the yard in front of the credit union signage is a little yellow sign saying “Food Truck Friday” I enter the lot and there is not another single vehicle at the lot, The additional instructions say to “safely park your vehicle and approach the food truck”. There is no food truck at this address ! It is Sunday! So I assume the truck was here Friday and the waypoint used for the dispatch was an archived or cached location.

While enroute to 6165 Emerald Parkway, my phone rang twice, and I answered it each time, but when I answered it, I got no audio from the caller and each call subsequently dropped. I called them and got Google Phone voice mailbox each time, I told them I was the Uber driver dispatched to 6165 Emerald Pkwy, and their food truck was not at 6165 Emerald Pkwy, I told them I was cancelling the pickup on Chris V’s order, because they were not where they were reported to be. I called them a second time after I realized they may have been stuck on an archived waypoint from Friday, and that, until they corrected their anchored location, Nobody would find them.
Later, I was taking Tanner @ 7:29 from a hotel Lot on Post Rd and my phone rang. I assume it was the food truck people trying to call back, but I did not answer because I was on a trip with a passenger to Schottensein Center.
How does a food truck using google phone, authenticate its location prior to dispatch? As soon as I saw the pick up was a food truck I suspected locating it could be an issue. My Phone captured their number and gave me a website, which showed a schedule, which also WAS NOT CURRENT for Sunday 5 /14.
I can only assume they monitored I was way off base when I first picked up the page and started enroute, Uber’s system selected me because of my relative location to the archived (food truck friday) waypoint.
Why did I not get audio from them both times when they called me? Their calls should connect – so I can hear them-when they realize there is an error!  I thought it prudent to quickly cancel and tell them why I thought the call was dispatched to an old waypoint.
I responded to the location I was given, yet my stats get “ding-ed” for cancelling? The cookie cutter pull-down suggested “I couldn’t find them”? They are a mobile unit at a mis-reported location! They should be charged a cancellation charge for not giving, or verifying an accurate location. This is an exceptional case which, the cancellation “reasons” (pull downs) don’t cover. My confidence in UberEats deliveries continues to evaporate. It’s not my fault they they were not where I was sent. Sincerely …

Uber Delivery “batches” Orders

I was  discussing Uber Eats delivery  with an Uber employee. Having  read through the payout  description it was apparent  to me that  with independent pick-up, mileage, and  delivery payouts. that  the pricing was likely modeled to “stack” or “Batch” orders.

You could  be paged  to pick-up multiple orders  at a foodsource / kitchen  and sent  on an area-wide, “uber-routed” delivery with multiple drops, based  on area-grouped  end points, following some  pre-agreed delivery criteria between Uber and  the food provider. ( Not  to exceed  some  travel time limit, some  number of orders for customer inter-action, etc)

Also  revealed  was  the occasion where Uber staff “ordering-in”  from area restaurants, realized that multiple parties in their office  had ordered independently from the same source,  on happenstance,  wondered  whether  their orders  would  be “batched” and delivered together in one  trip.  She  assured me  that food was “ready” when the dispatch is made.

It makes me  wonder if  the batch process has  a look-ahead queue, or a batch delay for collecting other potential orders,  before  the orders  are placed to the source.  Or, whether  sources  are likewise batched, so you could make multiple pick-ups for delivery at a single destination drop?

What experiences  have Uber Delivery drivers  had  with batched delivery trips?  Please  comment, if you can shed  some  light on this topic.


AutoZone cuts their Retailers with huge direct- to- home discount!

I bought $500 worth of brake parts at #AutoZone online and picked them up at the Hilliard Store yesterday.
Online there was a big banner ad saying there was a 20 percent discount on online orders over $100, OR a $25 dollar giftcard for orders shipped directly to your home. If you use a CAR20 code at check-out. (I never saw the “place” to enter the code.)
I wait, and I get an email that my order is ready. I go to the store, hand them my photo ID and say I am here to pick up my Online order. The clerk starts looking for the order. He cant find it. The person who picked it had left the building. I spot the order sitting on a cart behind the counter, and suggest that it might be my order. 2 large rotor-sized boxes, two white caliper- sized boxes, and a box of Duralast brake pads on top. With the stuff is my paid reciept for the full price.
So, I mentioned that I never saw the place to enter the discount code for the 20 percent discount on my order. He says “Oh, we have no way of telling what you were offered online” Other clerks in the store are bantering amongst themselves, but my guy offers no suggestions, or his own “store” discount, – NOTHING!
He says “It’s all here! You’re ready to go” He did offer to roll the cart out to load the stuff in the car…..
I get home and go online and express my displeasure to the Online Customer service link, and wait…- overnight.
I get an email today that explains I did NOT qualify for the discount, because my order was “store pickup”.
The 20 percent was ONLY IF you ordered to have the stuff shipped directly to your home. ( Which was further confused with an offer  for a $25 Gift Card  for Direct to home deliveries over $100.)
So #AutoZone would have discounted me $100 TO NOT GO TO THEIR STORE! Which is ludicrous because they have like, 3 stores, within 5 miles of my home. They’d give you a 20 PERCENT discount on large orders IF you DONT GO to their store… for like… shop rags, brake fluid, and all that other stuff hanging by the register, which, I might see and need? HOW STUPID ARE THEY?!!
By the way, I have to return “cores” for the calipers anyhow. So, why would I want to “ship” cores back?
Meanwhile, most of the local convenience stores have advertising and video playing, at their gas pumps, to get you to COME IN to their stores!